Omar Chappuis: Carving a Name for Himself in the Online Marketing Industry

Highly esteemed and renowned brand manager for the Rubin Creative, one of the chief and foremost Digital Media Company’s around today, Mr Omar Chappuis is on fire and it seems there is no stopping the internet marketing sensation. He has been termed by others as an upcoming guru and somewhat of a wonder but the creative man continues to climb in the social ranks of the best and most successful internet marketers of our day.


The Midas touch
It seems wherever he goes and whatever he touches turns to gold. Omar Chappuis’s reputation has taken an upward turn and it appears he isn’t going anywhere but up. After repeated success working with companies in Europe and other parts of the world, MrChappuis has suddenly turned his interests elsewhere welcoming a new challenge.
Asia – A Welcome Challenge


The Asian online market is one of the biggest in terms of actual number of people who access the web on a daily basis. The statistics of India and China alone are quiet astounding and hence for Omar Chappuis the potential is limitless. What he hopes to achieve in Asia is nothing short of miraculous but then again, miracles are what MrChappuis is renowned for.


The ability to turn the fortunes of a company around thanks to a successful online campaign can never be underestimated as has been witnessed by Taiwanese company Verico Phones which have brought Omar Chappuison board to help them improve their company’s penetration into the Asian mobile market.
It appears OmarChappuis has his work cut out for him on this project but like many projects successfully executed in the past he is sure to impress us with the final marketing campaign. He is after all not known as being a guru for nothing!
The Art of Writing Good Copy
Writing copy is one thing, there are thousands of people who are working in the industry today who can write good copy, but being able to write copy that’s not only just good, but that sells well, now that’s a rare combination and skill that very few people possess. Mr Omar Chappuis is one of those rare individuals who has an eye for detail and a way with words that leaves many people in the industry in awe of his creative abilities.
What also sets Omar Chappuis apart from the rest is the attention to every minute thing that affects a good marketing campaign. He is attuned to the fine things that other people leave to fate and chance. For Mr. Chappuis he makes his own luck and goes out each day to create it. Perhaps this is why he has been able to be so successful in his chosen career path to date. Whatever the reason, it appears there is still a lot Mr Chappuis has to offer the world.